Terms and Conditions of Sale

The present general conditions are applicable without restriction to all business relations between Ecotri Solutions and the clients when using the services. By making a request for service, the customer accepts these terms and conditions without reservation. The customer acknowledges that the general terms and conditions are valid for all future services, without the need to expressly repeat the GTC. Only the latest version of the GTC is binding.

1. Home Recycling Collection:

Article 1.1 Geographical area

The home collection service for recyclable waste is available in the district of Nyon, respectively in the following communes

Arnex-sur-Nyon Corners Gingins Nyon
Arzier-Le Muids Commugny Givrins Perroy
Ponds Coppet Acorn Prangins
Begnins Crans Grens Rolle
Bogis-Bossey Slag heap La Rippe Saint-Cergue
Borex Duillier The Vaud Saint-George
Bursinel Dully Longirod Signy-Avenex
Bursins Essertines-sur-Rolle Luins Tannay
Burtigny Eysins Marchissy Tartegnin
Chavannes-de-Bogis Founex Mies Trelex
Chavannes-des-Bois Genolier Mont-sur-Rolle Vich
Chéserex Gilly Versoix

However, if your location is not on the chart above, you can still apply. This request can be accepted and its price can be adjusted. The locations of pick-ups can be adjusted at any time by Ecotri Solution.

Article 1.2 Days and hours of pick-ups

The days and the frequency of pick-ups are fixed by the customer at the time of the request. Ecotri Solutions reserves the right to pick-up waste between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Article 1.3 Types of waste collected

The types of waste sorted and collected during the pick-up are, unless otherwise arranged or agreed:
Paper, cardboard, glass, PET, aluminium, tinplate, compost, Nespresso capsules, Sagex, plastic packaging, batteries, light bulbs, electronics and household products. The customer must respect the volumes chosen by his subscription, up to 120 liters for the Small subscription, up to 240 liters for the Medium subscription or up to 360 liters for the Large subscription. Your waste should also be neatly stored, easily transported and sorted by waste type. Ecotri Solutions reserves the right not to take your waste if these conditions are not met.

Bulky items (items that do not fit into a 30-litre bag) and green waste (plants, grass, etc.) are not included in the basic collection offer.

Green waste can be included in the subscription in exchange for an additional fee of 10 francs. The customer must expressly request this supplement or the green waste will not be collected.

Bulky items can be picked up during regular pick-ups if Ecotri Solutions is notified in advance and the size of the items allows for one employee to perform the task. In the case of bulky items that require the presence of two employees, Ecotri Solutions can remove these items by scheduling an appointment outside of regular pick-ups.

Article 1.4 Location of waste to be collected

All waste must be sorted and separated. If you do not wish to be disturbed or if you are absent during a pick-up, the waste must be deposited on the doorstep or at the place agreed upon during the pick-up request. Ecotri Solutions will not be held responsible if the storage of the waste causes a nuisance to the neighborhood. Ecotri Solutions declines all responsibility for the removal of valuables located in or near the waste.

Article 1.5 Unable to pick up

If the client forgets to take out the waste or is absent without having previously notified Ecotri Solutions or if the waste is inaccessible, the trip is deemed to have been made and billed. However, the customer has the possibility of cancelling his visit until the day before the visit at the latest. Cancelled pick-ups are either moved or replaced with a pick-up at the end of the contract term.

Article 1.6 Quantity collected

The quantity collected per trip, unless otherwise agreed, contracted or agreed upon, is fixed by the subscription chosen beforehand, either up to 120 liters, or up to 240 liters, or up to 360 liters. A slight surplus is tolerated as long as it remains reasonable.

When the average quantities per pick-up are consistently higher than the quantities agreed upon at the beginning of the contractual relationship. Ecotri Solutions may, by mutual agreement with the client, change the subscription or modify the frequency of pickups. Otherwise, Ecotri Solutions reserves the right to interrupt its services.

Article 1.7 Surcharge on pick-ups

Ecotri Solutions reserves the right to add surcharges for the following cases. Please note that surcharges remain occasional and concern a small portion of our pick-ups.

Bulky items during regular pick-ups: When Ecotri Solutions is notified in advance and the bulky items (size and weight) can be picked up by a single employee, Ecotri Solutions can commit to picking up the bulky items during a regular pick-up. A surcharge will be added for additional time spent on the job and any disposal costs.

Quantity surplus: If the quantities are significantly in excess of the quantities defined in the contract. Ecotri Solutions may add a surcharge of 5 to 20 francs without notifying the customer directly.

Unsorted waste: When the waste is unsorted or poorly sorted, Ecotri Solutions can pick up the waste by adding an extra 5 to 20 francs including the time needed for the task.

All of these tasks are considered additional work to our subscription offer. Therefore, Ecotri Solutions reserves the right not to pick up certain bulky items, excess quantities or unsorted waste during our visits.

All surcharges are added and must be paid with the next invoice or at the end of the contractual relationship.

Article 1.8 Sorting bins

The purchase of sorting bins is optional. The customer can choose the containers of his choice. Ecotri Solutions offers direct sales of containers upon request from customers. They become the property of the customer only when paid by the subscriber. Ecotri Solutions shall in no way be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to the sorting bins and/or their theft by third parties, particularly on the day of waste collection. Under no circumstances will Ecotri Solutions be held responsible in the event of a complaint from a third party (neighbors, management, etc.) regarding disturbances that may be caused by the storage of bins.

Article 1.9 Subscription

Registration for the recyclable waste collection service is done on the Ecotri Solution app available on App Store and Google Play. Registration is in the form of a quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription. Ecotri Solutions commits to come and collect common household waste at the location and on the day previously agreed upon, according to the frequency and quantities determined by the chosen subscription.

Article 1.10 Duration, renewal and termination of the subscription

a) Duration

The subscription comes into effect on the date of receipt of the email confirming the subscription. Contracts are concluded for a minimum period of 3 months and will be extended for successive periods of 1 month (standing order only), 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

A warning email will be sent to customers 1 month before the end of the contract, without cancellation from the customer, the contract is automatically renewed for the same duration. Customers can change their subscriptions at the end of the current subscription period. If a change to a higher subscription is required, customers can make a request by email or by phone.

b) Termination

With prior written or oral notice, the contract can be terminated after 30 days for subscriptions and after 2 days for single date services. In the event of a serious breach of contract by one party, the other party may terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Article 1.11 Subscription Payments

The prices of the subscriptions appearing on the application are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) all taxes included (TTC). Subscription prices may be changed at any time, provided that customers are notified in advance.

Invoices must be paid within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the invoice. Invoices are issued before, or at the beginning of, each new subscription period. Payment methods are email invoices, paper invoices or standing orders. Paper invoices are increased by CHF 2.

Article 1.12 Late payment

After a first reminder, Ecotri solutions may, without notice or compensation, suspend the subscription services as long as the current subscription invoice remains open. If the payment is still not made after the second reminder, Ecotri solutions may, without notice, initiate legal proceedings against the debtor. All costs related to the establishment of the debt collection procedure as well as the costs of collection are to be borne by the debtor


2. Transport service (delivery, storage, removal):

Article 2.1 Obligation of the carrier

The carrier is obliged to make available at the agreed time the means of transport necessary for the execution of the order. He executes the order in accordance with the contract and with due diligence. The delivery of the goods at the place of destination shall be made immediately after the arrival of the transport, or at the time agreed upon by the parties.


2.2 Obligation of the customer

The customer must ensure proper packaging. He must provide the mover with timely and accurate information about the recipient’s address, the delivery location and the local context. The customer is obliged to draw the remover’s attention to the particular characteristics of the goods and to the damage they may suffer.

The client must ensure that the transport, loading and unloading work can begin at the agreed time, respectively as soon as the movers are made available. Subject to any other agreements, the customer is responsible for providing all documents and permits, as well as for organizing the traffic measures necessary for the execution of the transport.

All additional work and costs caused by the late collection of the goods moved by the customer are at his expense. If unloading cannot be started after a waiting time of 2 hours, the remover is entitled to unload the transported goods in a warehouse, at the expense and risk of the customer.

Article 2.3 Objects transported and claim

Subject to acceptance by Ecotri Solution, any type of object can be transported if it meets the required dimensions. The customer subscribes to the transport services via our website or via our application by requesting a quote. The client informs Ecotri Solutions of the terms and conditions of the service he or she wishes to receive. Ecotri Solutions commits to providing a response to the client within 48 hours of receiving the request.

If the client accepts our offer, he/she is committed and confirms the accuracy of the information provided to Ecotri Solutions.

Article 2.4 Payments and cancellations

As soon as the client accepts the offer, Ecotri Solutions sends an invoice according to the terms chosen by the client. This invoice must be paid at the latest on the day of the service. The customer can cancel the service by phone or email at least 2 working days before the scheduled date. If this deadline is not met, the service will be invoiced. If the customer does not cancel the service within the time limit and does not pay the invoice, the customer is liable to prosecution.

Article 2.5 Impossibility to provide the service

If for reasons beyond the control of Ecotri Solutions the delivery cannot be made, the customer must still pay for the service. If it is not possible to access the delivery item, the customer is obliged to pay for the service. If the dimensions or information do not correspond to what was initially planned, Ecotri Solutions reserves the right to modify the price of the service or to cancel it. The customer will still have to pay the bill.

Article 2.5 Damage to the transported object

Any damage caused by Ecotri Solutions to the items transported is covered by Ecotri Solutions.

The customer has to prove the value of the damaged object and the refund is based on the current value. The refund is made by bank transfer.


3. General provisions

Article 3.1 Data protection

Ecotri Solutions treats all personal data concerning customers with the strictest confidentiality. When registering, only the information necessary to ensure the quality of Ecotri Solutions’ services is required. Under no circumstances will confidential customer data be disclosed to third parties.

Article 3.2 Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and their interpretation shall be governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties is the company’s registered office.



Version of 1 September 2022